The beginning

Kroky story begun as a Graphic Novel project, and after some time in the fridge, I recover it to transform it in a 2D platform based game.

Early concepts

One of the most important – al least for me – lessons I gt during the course, it’s the character concept.  Not just a character but a endearing character creation. This was the reason i take out of the fridge Kroky.

Kroky is a fugitive croquette, whom has escaped from the hands of sombody – in a bar de tapas – and his goal is to save the rest of his friends.
He is friendly but hard and persistent when it comes to defending his friends. His only reason for being is to rescue each one of them. Even he can become evil in order to fulfill his goal. He is seeking for justice and revenge against cooks and consumers.
Its default look is that of a croquette that is hidden from the kitchen authorities (the chef and assistants). He carries a toothpick as a sword (the same one that was nailed to him when they were going to eat him).

Rough sketches of Kroky
Pulpito character (not available in beta version). Another endearing character
Study of Kroky in action
The desired graphic style

The platform

During all the course I worked in Unity 3D. Unity is a robust tool to develop games, it’s easy to learn how materials, prefabs,  and scenes works.

The complexity is on the programming. Unity works with C#, which is a language similar to other languages  object oriented, based on Classes and extending them.

For my project, I setup the basics: Scenes, Levels, Materials, some Animations, and Prefabs. Additionally I edited some existing sounds for effects and background music. But the core of the prohramming is based on Corgi Engine, a great solution for 2d platform games.

The final deploy, and due to among us – the students – we should review the work of each other, was done in OpenGL.

Some screenshots


Play now!