Travelling Panot / Panot de Viaje

How did I get there?

For two years I ran my own business in research and recycling in the heart of Barcelona: WapadeKarton. It was a workshop located in El Raval. During this period I was focused into reclycling and upcycling. Mainly working with pallet wood and waste like coffee grounds.  And taking advantage of muy new skills acquired after to finish the Window Dressing Master at Artidi and I what learned in La Llotja's molds workshop, I began to experiment with resins.

Why coffee grounds?

Just because I'm a coffee lover.


I began to work writing down volume, weights, measures, and quantities in a notebook. It was a deep learning based on trial and error. Super WOW! Until I got the expected result: A balance between consistency, weight, color and touch.

Panot and Magnet: why they are unique?

Is not just about an upcycling matter, it's about the research process and 2 surprise factors: The weight and the appearance.  Meanwhile the concrete (on the street or even the Panot sold  in stores) weigh almost three kilos, Travelling Panot only weigh 500 grams! And the second amazing thing, is about the natural color: there is nothing more than coffee and resin, and the result is a concrete appearance.

Travelling panot
The first (BIG) try
Measuring all the components
Coffee grounds: the core
Packaging Design
The small one, as a magnet
Magnet size, with label design